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Terms & Conditions



Ph : (02) 6647 4662

• Deposits: A deposit of one night’s tariff is required with all bookings and balance is payable as follows:
– Peak: During peak periods including Public Holidays, Easter, and Christmas/New Year, you will be required to pay in full one month prior to arrival.

– Off Peak: During all off peak periods you will be required to pay in full two weeks prior to arrival.
If bookings are made within these ‘payment due’ periods, you will be required to pay in full when making your booking.
• Cancellation Policy: Security deposits are required on all bookings. A booking cannot be confirmed until a deposit is received and receipted. Once a booking is confirmed, a contract exists with the Mann River Caravan Park. Deposits are not refundable or transferable unless:-

– Peak Periods:
* More than 30 days notice, payment is refundable less a $20 Administration Fee
* Less than 30 days notice, payment is non refundable
Off Peak Periods:
* More than 14 days notice, payment is refundable less a $20 Administration Fee
* Less than 14 days notice, payment is non refundable
All cancellations must be advised in writing, e.g. by email or by facsimile. Reservations cancelled, or altered at the commencement of or during occupation do not qualify for any refund and the monies paid will be forfeited by the guest. Non arrivals or guests who fail to notify of cancellations will forfeit all monies paid.

We encourage our guests to purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.
• All buildings and accommodation are NON-SMOKING.
• Please dispose of all rubbish at the Garbage and Recycling Centre upon departure.
• Cabin accommodation arrival time is 2pm and departure time is 10am and we do ask that you do depart promptly by 10am so our staff can service accommodation ready for our next guests. Early arrival can be requested – please organise with reception.
Please also return keys to reception.
• Caravan and camping sites arrival time from 11am & depart by 10:30am.
• Extra Tents: We supply sufficient space for a tent and awning or caravan, annex and one car. If extra tents are to be erected they must be confined to the area designated.
• Late arrivals: If arriving after 6pm please phone reception on 02 6647 4662 to arrange for your check in.
• Early check out: Please see reception the day prior to arrange for accommodation key return.
• Quiet time: is from 10pm to 7am. Early birds: Not everyone likes to get out of bed early on holiday. Be courteous to your neighbours and keep all noise to a minimum first thing in the morning. Some guests do like to have a sleep in.
• Visitors: All day and overnight visitors must report to reception and sign the guest register before entering the park. Guests are reminded that they are responsible for their visitors. All day visitors must vacate the park by 10pm.
• Dogs are welcome on powered/unpowered sites. Please keep them on a leash whilst within the park boundaries and clean up after them. Pets are not allowed in cabin accommodation.

• Car parking: One car bay is provided for accommodation and site guests. As parking is at a premium over our busy peak periods it is very disturbing to surrounding guests to have extra cars parked around their site. All extra cars and visitors cars are to be parked in the visitor’s car parking area behind the shop (along the back fence). We apologise for this but we cannot cater for all extra cars and visitors.
• Security: Be security conscious and look after your possessions.
• Boats, canoes and trailers: Depending on your site set up, boats, dinghies and trailers may also be parked on your site, or alternatively in the car parking area behind the shop (along the back fence). For security, please remove valuables from boats and trailers. When going fishing early in the morning please keep the noise level down so as not to disturb guests still sleeping.
• Fish cleaning: NO fish cleaning in accommodation or camp kitchen.
• Lost property: will be kept for a maximum of 14 days. Perishable items will be placed in the bin on departure by our cleaning staff.
• Disposable nappies: DO NOT flush nappies down the toilet. Wrap all nappies in a plastic bag and place in a bin.
• Strict walking pace speed limit at all times. Please keep an eye out for children walking, playing or cycling in the park. Be patient and courteous, as all our kids are precious.
• Cyclists: Walking pace speed limit applies to bikes at all times. Small children must be supervised by a parent or guardian. NO bike riding after sunset.
• No clothes lines between sites or trees or veranda’s of accommodation. Clothes lines can be extremely dangerous with guests walking between sites or accommodation.
• Public telephone is situated at the park entrance.
• Amenities block: As cleaning up mishaps are not pleasant for our cleaners or ourselves we do ask that you accompany your children to the amenities block. Please also report any problems to the shop.
• Disabled Toilet/Shower is located in the toilet block next to the men’s. This can also be used by families if more room is required in the showers. Please see the shop for the key if locked.
• Dump Point: Please use our dump point to discard waste matter from port-a-loos, motor homes and caravan toilets. Please leave clean after use. Please do not empty in the amenities.
• Grey Water Tanks are available at the shop, free of charge.
• Parents and Guardians you are responsible for your children’s actions and behaviour at all times. Remember children do need constant supervision when playing, cycling or swimming. We are never on holidays from family duties.
• Water: Please be water conscious and keep length of showers to a minimum. Our water supply is from the river, which is pre-filtered and UV treated. The pre-filtration ensures the highest penetration of UV light to remove bacteria and viruses. If preferred, bottled water can be purchased from our shop for drinking.
• River Access is for park guests only. You can access the river through the park with 4wd, by opening the gate & closing behind you. Please be mindful & do not drive over our pump water pipe & past the bridge is private property & strictly off limits.
• Be aware of Falling Tree Limbs – we take no responsibility for damages or injury caused by falling tree limbs. Camping and parking is at your own risk.
• Camp Kitchen Please ensure that the camp kitchen is left in a neat and tidy manner and that all rubbish is put in the bin. All items in the fridge are to be labelled with your site number and departure date and will be disposed of if left after departure.
• Camp Fires are permitted in the fire ground pits only, or please bring along your own fire pit. Firewood is for sale at the shop, or you’re more than welcome to bring along your own.

• Arrival time is 2pm or after.
• Departure time is promptly by 10am. Before departure please wash, dry and put away all cutlery and crockery and ensure all rubbish is placed in the bins provided outside of your cabin.
• Accommodation is serviced on departure only.
• Cabin extras: All sheets, towels, dishcloths and tea towels are included in the cabin tariff. Complimentary toilet paper is provided in ensuite cabin on arrival. These items will not be replaced during your stay. You will need to provide any further extras yourselves throughout your stay.
Please no cabin towels at the pool or river.
• Housekeeping fee: As we are not a hotel all our accommodation is serviced on departure only. A housekeeping fee will apply if accommodation is left in an unacceptable state. If our cleaning staff have to remove rubbish, wash dishes or generally clean up an unacceptable amount of mess, an account for cleaning of $50 per hour will be charged to your credit card.
• Accommodation service: Should you wish to have your accommodation serviced or linen changed a minimum fee of $40 per cabin applies.
• Recycling: A crate is provided outside your accommodation for recycling. Please read bin labels/signs for further instructions.
• Pets are not allowed inside cabin accommodation.
• Ants are a fact of life in our region and we have to learn to live with them. We make every effort to control them, however please inform reception who will arrange some surface spray for your accommodation.

We are aware that you are all on holidays. If everyone follows these simple guidelines a great holiday will be had by all.
• Parents and guardians when using the pool area you are responsible for your children’s actions and behaviour at all times.
• Please remember to be alert and do not get distracted. Be careful not to get caught chatting and take your eyes off your children.
• A responsible adult must accompany all children under 12 in the pool area.
• Only let your children into the pool area when you open the gate.
• Glass of any kind is not suitable in or around the pool and is not to be taken into pool area. Plastic cups and plates are available for purchase at the shop.
• Tennis balls or hard balls are not be used in the pool area.
• Please show considerate and responsible behaviour to other guests while using the pool area so everyone can have a safe and happy time.
• No diving, bombing or running around pool area. Guests will be asked to vacate the pool area for any misbehaviour.
• Babies and toddlers must wear either a swimmer’s disposable nappy or fitted bathers to prevent accidents (these are also available for purchase at the shop). THINK SAFE AROUND THE POOL.

Curtis: 0416 227 999
Hope: 0402 663 658


Terms and Conditions when Travelling with Pets

To ensure the safety, comfort, and wellbeing of all its guests, Mann River Caravan Park has a standard set of terms and conditions for those who wish to bring their pets to the park.
These conditions are the minimum standards and requirements for guests travelling with pets. Special conditions also apply on an individual basis.
• Pets must be supervised at all times and never left unattended, including inside a tent, van, or other accommodation.
• Pets cannot be inside any of our on-site caravans or cabins, however can sleep outside and be on a leash outside of the caravan or cabin.
• Pets must be on a leash at all times while not in a van or tent or other accommodation: there are no exceptions. A leash must be no more than two metres in length. No dog ‘runs’ are to be operated by dog owners.
• For health and safety reasons, pets are not allowed in any common areas of the park, including the shop, pool areas, camp kitchen, amenities, playground, or any public areas.
• Pet owners are 100% responsible for picking up and disposing of their pet’s waste in a sealed ‘doggy do’ plastic bag and disposed of in rubbish bins. These bags may be purchased from the shop.
• For health and safety reasons, pets must not be washed or cleaned anywhere within the park. Additionally, any pet-related accessories such as dog blankets should not be washed or cleaned within the park.
• Pet owners are personally responsible, and will be held to be so, for any and all personal injuries and/or property damage or losses in relation to any actions caused by or because of their pet.
• The pet owner must agree that the Park Owner or Park Manager reserves the right to evict any guests whose pet is deemed noisy, disruptive, and aggressive or the subject of a complaint/s from other guests. It is the pet owner’s sole responsibility to control and manage their pet. If in the view of park management this has not happened to an acceptable level, the owner and the pet may be evicted from the park immediately.

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